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Who we are
AVIMA is an agency that specialises in packaging.
Over the past fifteen years, we have developed into a genuine innovator.
More than 1,000 customers are already placing their trust in the know-how we are able to supply. Our clients range from specialist bakery shops to retail chains that operate on the international stage. AVIMA will realise your advertising materials requirements in the best possible way.

Alongside the deployment of packaging as a vehicle for the boosting of sales, redesign measures are also of particular importance with regard to the long-term positioning of your company.
The many years of experience we bring to the table in the field of flexographic printing means that we are able to offer both an enormously high degree of creativity and deliver cost-effective implementation. This is a benefit you should exploit.

Verpackungs Re-Design
Avima Marketingagentur
What sets us apart
Did you know that an independent survey* has revealed that 85% of all passers-by on the street make eye contact with bags and the messages they bear?
40% of respondents were even motivated to buy the products advertised or to seek out the shops selling the relevant items.

In our capacity as packaging specialists, we are in the perfect position to help you take full advantage of this phenomenon. We use the very latest methods and state-of-the-art printing technology to create and design a wide range of packaging articles.

Our expertise is in constant and particular demand from customers seeking to launch sales promotion campaigns, achieve a harmonious Corporate Design concept or obtain redesign proposals.

Experienced AVIMA graphic designers work as a closely-knit team and use the very latest equipment to draw up concepts for application on all packaging items and on advertising materials of every kind.

*A study of 627 persons specially commissioned by the German Association of the Flexible Packaging Industry

Redesign work carried out for the
"Lohner" chain of bakery shops:
Development of a highly
distinctive new logo

Left: Previous design
Right: New design
Verpackungs Re-Design
Avima Konzepte
What else can
we offer?
The spectrum of services we provide goes beyond the creation and design of a diverse range of packaging articles. AVIMA’s experienced media advisors will draw up an individually tailored marketing concept for your business based on an extensive on-site analysis.

As a true service agency, AVIMA also offers advisory services, assistance with implementation and delivery of the most important POS articles. We can ensure that you display a strong and effective commercial presence by designing and manufacturing everything from posters to countertop displays and large-format awnings.
We offer a totally individualised service and short lead times. We can also supply very small quantities.

Our range of services
  • On-site branch analysis
  • Marketing advice on overall market presence
  • Initiation of sales promotion measures
  • Training for retail staff
  • Supply of POS promotional items
  • Optimum placement at the point of sale

Verpackungs Re-Design

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